4 Monday Musings

On the internets (17m video)

Donald Miller from StoryBrand explain why Donald Trump is still at the top of the polls. Whether you love or loathe Trump this assessment is solid and also highlights great marketing principles all CEO’s should understand.



This lyric from Eye of the Hurricane by David Wilcox

“Hope is gone and she confessed, when you lay your dreams to rest, you can get what’s second best but its hard to get enough.”

I pray we all ponder this now rather than later.


The day you became a better writer from Scott Adam’s blog? It is concise (3m read) and hugely helpful – I recommend it.


The Profit episode on the pet supply company Bentley’s Corner Barkery? I can’t help but learn something from each episode as Marcus uses his business acumen to dissect the issues of each business. In this episode I was particularly struck by his instruction to the owners that they had to let the clients define quality.









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